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11-Apr-2006 03:56:32 AM





I have lost almost $2,000 in InterCasino in the past month. I have never seen so many 21's in a row before. Sometimes it takes 5 or 6 card but, sure enough, the dealer gets a 21. It has come to the point that I can almost predict when the dealer will get a 20. Also, the dealer tends to get a lot of 10's and face cards when I get very few. Usually, I will win several hands and then when I raise my bet, the dealer will win several times in a row. I know that PWC monitors this site, but that doesn't mean it's rigged. They let some people win and then when they've hooked you, you start losing.



16-Jan-2006 02:03:43 PM


Customer support is good and the payouts are among the highest. But the games are not as good as Microgaming.


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