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07-Mar-2007 11:15:56 AM


I've played a lot of online casinos, and I can say Lucky Nugget is more friendly and more personable. I do a lot of online research before choosing a casino, and I will say that I rarely read a negative comment about Lucky Nugget.



12-Jan-2007 11:31:55 AM

I have not been very lucky at the "lucky" nugget... I just canít seem to win there, but I have to say that their bonuses are very generous.



28-Nov-2006 11:48:38 PM


I had a ball playing here, and found that the software run well. Customer service and tech support were helpful, and they did solve my problems. A nice place to play.



08-Sep-2006 05:25:52 AM


Been playing Lucky Nugget for a couple years, have tried 20-30 others. I am in the process of taking almost all others off my computer. Lucky Nugget is of a few best. I cash out (often) and within 2 days it is in my bank account, there is no holding so you can reverse cash-in (Oh, I hate that :-). They have good tournaments every month and good games going. They also give a 100% bonus once every month.



01-Jan-2006 01:29:37 PM


I have used lucky nugget many times and always been paid. Games seem fair. Credit card takes 3 days or so to withdraw.



24-May-2005 07:34:27 PM


I am used to playing in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Playing at Lucky Nugget is an experience that is equal if not better (in spite of so-so-like-other-Microgaming graphics & sound).



02-Apr-2005 10:11:22 PM







Iíve had the pleasure of experiencing an online casino without whistles and bells for some years now. I was instantly pleased to find that I could get straight to the generous selection of varied games without having to go through complicated sign-up offers that probably wouldnít improve my game play anyway.

As a no-nonsense online gaming enthusiast, I was able to get into the action almost immediately, winning and losing and winning again! With good returns on all of the games, Iím satisfied that I visit Lucky Nugget whenever I get a moment to spare.


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