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17-Feb-2006 06:41:38 AM













I made a withdrawal request over two weeks ago. It was my first withdrawal from them so I did anticipate a SLIGHT delay. I have phone customer service about this 4 different times and also sent a couple of emails. I have been given a different excuse each time I talk with them. I was told in was in review first. I asked if there was anything they needed from me, "no", they said. Second time I called I was told I would be contacted the next day because the review had a question about a relationship to another person which happened to be my middle name. Anything I can do to help. Again I was told no. After I did not receive the contact, I called again. The review is finished and the money will be in your Neteller account.

That was over a week ago. The next day I finally received an email response saying they needed some documentation to resolve the review which I have already, at this point, been told they did not need. I sent them the information and have since called them again and this time they just told me they were busy. Over two weeks and seven or eight contacts by me and I still am waiting. Games are fine at this casino just don't expect anything in the way of timely payouts or CUSTOMER SERVICE!


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