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 Player Ratings & Reviews - Roxy Palace


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27-Feb-2007 03:33:37 AM




Now, I have had the best time at Roxy palace casino. I have attained "Gold Member" status and the nice thing is that they have ongoing and weekly contests where it doesn't matter (In most cases) if you have a million to spend, or $50. They treat everyone as fair and as open as they can and their customer service has been nothing but good, fair and totally helpful. They may not have a lot of games, but they are growing and soon I'm sure, will have them installed.



14-Nov-2006 10:27:24 PM


I've been playing at this casino for more than a year…There's a good days and bad days...I haven't had much lucks here lately like I did in the past, but Roxy Palace is the casino I play almost everyday with trust, worry-free. I have won $4,000 and $2,000 in the past and got promptly paid.



29-Sep-2006 02:07:35 PM


I have been playing at roxy palace for couple of years. They are fantastic, quick payouts, quick support and friendly people. Impressive selection of Microgaming games. Many bonuses. You have to try them out for yourself.



23-May-2006 11:12:58 AM


What a rip off! I am new to this and thought I was going into a reputable casino from the comments. This is not a user friendly casino. Where is my sign on bonus? All other casinos give it to you right away and I had to jump through their hoops to even apply for it and have not got it. I have never felt so disappointed as this is my way of relaxing and having fun.



03-Jan-2006 09:59:45 PM


Fun place to watch and play. Some time I get big winning and big losing streak. Really fast payout. Cash-in arrived to my Neteller account within 48 hours, good!



08-Dec-2005 10:56:50 PM



Hands down this has been my favorite online casino experience! Quick game downloads, bonus was instantly credited, nothing but decent wins from nearly every game I played, great energy with a fun feel, but most of all it was the highly personal customer service I received. I never received a standard "form letter" type of reply, each one was personally written and the response time to any inquiry I had was never longer than a few hours if not a few minutes!!! Can't wait till payday so I can play again :-)



15-Oct-2005 03:40:47 PM


This is my favorite casino. Their games may be the same as other Microgaming casinos and they may have cash-ins in your account in an average amount of speed, but you cannot beat their customer service! Very good!



07-Jul-2005 08:42:35 AM


I felt this casino is not good. Just played blackjack and the casino won more than 80% of the time, so you can guess what the results are. I do not recommend this casino at all.



20-Feb-2005 09:47:20 PM 



I have been playing at Roxy Palace for several months and I really enjoy their games. I have won several hundred dollars there, but of course played it back trying to win the jackpot, lol. Seems like their winnings are more consistent than many other online casinos. I have found most of the staff to be very nice and efficient in solving my problems when I have had one. I have tried several casinos, but always end up coming back to Roxy Palace.


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